Main venue*

English Department
Johannisstr. 12 – 20
48143 Münster, Germany

How to get there: It is quite easy to reach the English Department by bus from the main train station. To get there, you can either depart from bus platform B1, which is to your right once you leave the main entrance, and take lines 1, 9, 12 or 13 or depart from bus platform C1, which is right across the street from the main entrance, and take lines 2, 10, 11, 14 or 22. All of them lead to the bus stop “Aegidiimarkt”, the bus stop closest to the English Department. If you don’t like buses, you may also walk: the English Department is around 15-20 minutes away from the main train station by foot.

(*keynote lectures may be located in different buildungs. Watch this page for updates)